Polling Exit Surveys

91.6% rated it easy or very easy. 

83.6% either kind of or definitely would prefer to do it this way.

"how much did you like this method of voting compared to the method you used inside the polling place?"

Liked and strongly liked together: 753 (80.0%)


61.4% either liked or strongly liked ranked choice voting (rated 4 or 5).

75.8% found ranked choice voting easy or very easy (rated 4 or 5).

June 2, 2020: Blue Springs – 4-person mayoral race

Survey was conducted by Missouri Representative Dan Stacy at one polling place, using the same survey as a template, with the four mayoral candidates as the choices to rank.

222 people answered.

49.3% either liked it or strongly liked it.

80.8% found it easy or very easy.