Where is RCV Used

"As of April 2023, 63 American jurisdictions have RCV in place, reaching approximately 13 million voters. This includes 2 states, 3 counties, and 58 cities. Military and overseas voters cast RCV ballots in federal runoff elections in 6 states. 

For information on all US jurisdictions using RCV is used go to:

As a preview of what might happen if Kansas City votes on using ranked choice voting for municipal elections, these were all the cities that voted November 8 2022, yes/no on have some form of ranked choice voting.

Evanston, IL         

82% yes

Portland, ME             

64% yes

Fort Collins, CO        

57% yes

Ojai, CA

57% yes

Portland, OR 

56% yes

See full results on all RCV votes for November 8, 2022. 

Matthew Oberstaedt

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