Community Endorsements of Ranked Choice Voting

We need the strength local organizations and community leaders to make positive change in Kansas City. If your group can join our coalition calling for better elections in Kansas City and beyond, let us know by emailing us at info@betterballotkc.org or calling Rachel at (816) 753-2057.

Libertarian Party
of  Kansas City

Reclaim Democracy, Kansas City

Statewide Endorsements of Ranked Choice Voting

- The Missouri Green Party - https://www.missourigreenparty.org/
- Jake Zimmerman, former Missouri State Representative, District 83
- The Libertarian Party of Missouri - http://www.lpmo.org/
- Missourians for Ranked Choice Voting

National Supporters of Ranked Choice Voting

(from Fairvote)

Current and Former Federal Officeholders 

Statewide Officeholders

State Legislative and Local Officeholders

League of Women Voters State and Local Groups

Political Parties & Clubs

State and Local Campaign Endorsements

Individual Endorsements