GOAL: To have Kansas City, Missouri adopt Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for Kansas City Council and Mayoral elections.


· To gain public support for IRV

· To gain the support of Kansas City Councilors and Mayor for IRV

· To amend the Kansas City Charter to use IRV in local elections by placing an initiative on the ballot

· To fully implement IRV in Kansas City for local elections


· Build the case for using IRV in Kansas City elections

· Understand the legal issues surrounding adoption of IRV in Kansas City

· Educate the public about the value of ranked choice voting for Kansas City

· Inform the media about IRV and the efforts to adopt it in Kansas City

· Get endorsements from other organizations

· Gain the support of community leaders

· Gain the support of KC Councilors and KC Mayor

· Draft an amendment to revise the KC Charter to use IRV for City Council and Mayoral elections

· Have the KC Charter amendment placed on the ballot either by petition or City Council vote

· Campaign to ensure the KC Charter amendment is passed

· Work with the Kansas City Election Board to accept and prepare for IRV