City Council Call Day

Friends --

The Council meets as a whole on Thursdays, and so the previous day, Wednesday, September 14, we need to do a barrage of calls to further prod them into getting ranked choice voting on the ballot next April. We have co-sponsors and quite a bit of interest, but they'll need to know there's public clamor. 

On that day, or in advance, you can find your in-district and at-large Council members and their phone numbers at: 

City Council Members | - City of Kansas City, MO

There's also a link there to figure out which district you're in. 

Most people when they call will get voicemail, and most of the rest will get an aide. All we need you to say is that you want them to put ranked choice voting on the ballot for city elections. If you want to add a sentence about the most important reason to you as to why, then that's a nice touch. 

Then text me (info below) to let me know you did, so we can keep a tally of how many called. I'll report the number to everyone in the evening. 

This is a good long notice in advance for a task that won't take but a few minutes and can be done just about anywhere, but we want to be sure of a barrage that day. 

You can also forward this to your friends that support ranked choice voting and get them to call. If you belong to an organization that supports RCV, you can get other members to call that day. 

Thanks so much!

-- Rachel MacNair

for Better Ballot KC

Voice and text: 816-753-2057