Compare RCV Initiatives

Confused about the differences in the various RCV petitions and organizations? Contact us to find out the difference between the KCMO RCV petition for Mayor and City Council members by us (Better Ballot KC), and the two proposed Missouri State petitions from Missourians for Ranked Choice Voting and Better Elections MO.  MORCV most aligns with our goals and we have been partnering with them in working to promote RCV.

Our ballot initiative is for KCMO Mayor and City Council, eliminating the need for a second election for a run-off while also ensuring the winner has majority support.

Quick difference on state level: MORCV supports RCV through the whole process while Better Elections MO wants to only use it in a top-four run-off.

How does HJR 131 affect these initiatives?

HJR 131 is a Missouri State level bill that passed the MO house on April 6th. It still has to go through the Senate. It does not affect the Better Ballot KC initiative for using RCV on a local level. It does, however, codify plurality voting instead of RCV or instant runoff voting from being used on the state level if it passes. Please call your Missouri District Senator.