Better elections creates better government.

Help us ensure that candidates have to have at least 50% support in order to be elected. We can do this by switching to ranked choice voting (RCV) in Kansas City! Our petition drive to update the Kansas City, MO charter is going on now and you can help! Once we have enough signatures, it will go on the ballot for voters in Kansas City to choose this better voting option. The city council members are not opposed to changing, but need to see that it is what voters want in order to put it into action. With your help, we can implement a voting system that brings voters together to elect the best representatives instead of increasing the current divide in politics. Learn more about RCV so you can tell your family, friends, and neighbors. They can sign the petition and vote for RCV as KCMO registered voters or help us bring RCV to the KC metro and beyond! Share a signature sheet with those you know at work, school, clubs, church, neighbors and family. Then get it notarized and turn it in. It is that simple!

About the Initiative Petition

We need 3,480 VALID SIGNATURES to put RANKED CHOICE VOTING (also known as “instant runoff voting”) on the ballot in Kansas City, Missouri!

This will give voters in Kansas City the opportunity to use a better and more democratic electoral system when electing mayor and City Council members. Doing so will further eliminate the need for a primary election -- saving KC taxpayers over half a million dollars in each election. Our goal is to gather at least 5,000 signatures. That way we can ensure that we have enough signatures, even if some are invalidated.

See the sample petition below for a sample signature sheet, the financial impact statement, and the full Charter amendment.

Sample Petition.pdf


Only voters registered in Kansas City, MO proper can sign the petition. Check your voter registration here. If you are not registered to vote, register here.

Getting Involved in KC


KC has plenty of events happening all the time, and these are great opportunities to gather signatures. Alternatively, collecting at your local grocery store (with their permission) or canvassing door-to-door can also be effective. Let us know what event you want to go to on this form.

Please join our Facebook group to communicate about how petitioning is going, any events you think of, or just to stay connected!

If you need to review the Petitioning Toolkit, you can view it here. The Petitioning Toolkit includes the Petition, Instructions, and Sign Up Sheets.


To pick up new petition sheets or drop off completed petition sheets, reach out to the following people:

MIDTOWN - Rachel MacNair (notary)

  • 811 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd

  • (816) 753-2057

NEAR LIBERTY - Larry Bradley

  • 8921 N Glenwood Ave

  • (402) 321-4851


Each petition sheet must be notarized after (and only after) signatures have been collected on it. Notaries can typically be found at your bank, insurance office, or libraries. We also have several notaries on our team, including Rachel, who can notarize if you schedule an appointment (see contact above) to drop off at her house. For details about notarizing, check the Instructions document in the Petitioning Toolkit.

Getting Involved out of KC

If you are outside of the Kansas City area, you can still help us with our movement! Fill out the form here to let us know what you want to help with! We definitely need support with any of the following activities:

  • Phone banking

  • Making Weekly Check-in calls

  • Validating Petition Signatures

  • Data Entry

  • Social Media and Communications