March 2020 Exit Survey

03/11/2020 Press Release

Ranked-Choice Voting:

Election Day Exit Survey Shows Kansas City Voters Like RCV


Rachel MacNair, 816-753-2057

Larry Bradley, 402-321-6851

In conjunction with the March 10 presidential primary in Kansas City, Missouri, a survey was conducted by Better Ballot KC at a variety of Kansas City polling locations. Voters willing to participate were given a ballot with the same candidate names as the one on which they had just voted, and invited to rank up to 5 choices.

They were then asked two questions: how much they liked this method of voting, and how easy they found it.

There were 944 people who answered.

Results on liking showed that 80% either liked it or strongly liked it.

Results on ease showed that 95.6% found it either easy or very easy.

A full breakout is below.



Filled out the survey: 944

Democrats: 902

Republicans: 35

Green: 7

This election was a primary. The Democratic race was contested by several candidates. Republicans had five candidates, but the winner was already known. This accounts for the huge difference in numbers.

We covered these polling places:

  • All Souls Church, 4501 Walnut Street

  • Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church,12001 Wornall

  • Bishop Spencer Place, 4342 Jefferson Street

  • Bluford Library, 3050 Prospect Avenue

  • Concord Fortress of Hope Church, 11050 W. Longview Parkway

  • Grace and Holy Trinity, 415 W 13th Street

  • Heartland Church of Christ, 6120 NW Prairie View Road

  • Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, 2200 Olive Street

  • Hillcrest Community Center 10401 Hillcrest Road

  • Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, 2200 Olive Street

  • New Vision Christian Church, 9101 Blue Ridge Boulevard

  • Olive Branch Baptist Church, 915 E 59th Street

  • Palestine Missionary Baptist Church, 3619 E 35th Street

  • St. Anthony Catholic Church, 3208 Lexington Avenue

  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 11 E 40th Street

  • Waldo Branch Library, 201 E 75th Street

Voters had a choice of Democratic, Republican, or Green surveys, because those are the parties that had at least three candidates on the ballot.

All people coming out of voting places were invited to participate; in the case of the Waldo and Bluford libraries, this included library patrons.


Question 1: Now having done this exit survey, how much did you like this method of voting compared to the method you used inside the polling place?

Strongly liked it: 515 (54.7%)

Liked it: 238 (25.3%)

Neutral/Don’t Know: 132 (14.0%)

Disliked it: 39 (4.1%)

Strongly disliked it: 18 (1.9%)

Liked and strongly liked together: 753 (80.0%)

Disliked and strongly disliked together: 57 (6.0%)

Question 2: Having done this exit survey, how easy did you find this method of voting?

Very easy: 602 (65%)

Easy: 266 (28.7%)

Somewhat Difficult: 45 (4.9%)

Difficult: 9 (1.0%)

Very difficult: 4 (0.4%)

Easy and very easy together: 868 (93.7%)

Difficult and Very Difficult together: 13 (1.4%)