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Meetings: We meet Monday nights at 7pm over Google Meet. Email us for the link.

Call your city council member

Check your voter registration here. If you are not registered to vote, register here.

To find your city council member and their contact information click here. Ask them to put RCV on the ballot.

Message to Council Members

  • State your name and that you’re a constituent in their district.

  • Simple message: Please put ranked choice voting for mayor & city council on the ballot.

  • Then ask them to keep you updated on the status of the effort to put it on the ballot. Give either your email address or voice/text number so they can.

Inform your friends about RCV

  • Ranked Choice Voting is as simple as 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice.

  • Better than current style of voting (First past the post/winner take all).

  • Ensures elected officials have support from more than 50% of the voters (a true majority).

  • Removes the "spoiler effect" of having to choose between the two most popular candidates. Show support for who you really want!

  • Better media coverage, debates, and polling data for all the candidates instead of just the top two.

  • Typically better campaigns on what the candidates actually support instead of just why to not vote for the other top candidate.