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Who are the people we can most easily reach, possibly interested in Kansas City doing ranked-choice voting? People coming out of polling places on election day. We know they're Kansas Citians, and they vote.

And we have a huge selling point with the coming two city elections, April 2 and June 4. There'd only be one election if we had ranked-choice. "Instant run-off" will be appealing. People grumble about having to come out twice to vote, and it costs the city twice. The final two candidates in June could have less than half the vote between them; plurality winner-take-all is a very poor system.

So we have 4" by 6" cards to pass out, which I copy (front and back) below. I also attach them since some e-mails don't take graphics.

Monday, April 1 2019 - training sessions, 3-4 PM and 7-8 PM, Penn Valley Monthly Meeting, 4405 Gillham, Kansas City, Missouri

Tuesday, April 2 2019 - your choice of polling place and time (between 6 AM and 7 PM, which highest turnout usually before and after work and at lunchtime)

Contact: Rachel MacNair, 816-753-2057


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* Help us organize. We need people willing to coordinate volunteer efforts, fundraising, events, etc.

* Write a letter to the editor to the Star or other Kansas City-reaching publication. We need to build grassroots support of this issue across the city.